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Adding Value and Attracting Investment

We firmly believe that no single professional body has all of the skills, expertise or resources required to successfully manage either a business exit or emerging business opportunity. We are continually seeking experts in the following areas:

  Qualified Valuation Experts
  Financial Advisors
  Investment Bankers
  Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Groups
  Business Angels
  Funding Agents
  M&A Intermediaries

We prefer to work with partners that have the commitment to make a strategic alliance work, the willingness to promote the combined services of the partnership and the drive to deliver new business. Although we welcome all referrals we believe that a successful strategic alliance takes commitment.


Exit Planning is a process that involves many parties. Our role is to co-ordinate, manage and drive this process to a successful conclusion that meets the objectives of the owner. Within this process, all of the various professional groups have a significant role to play.

All professional advisors should be educating their clients on the importance of Exit Planning. Exit Planning is an issue facing over 50% of all established businesses.

Qualified Partners will be taught how to attract new customers and gain additional revenue from existing clients. Partners receive:

  The ability to host pre-planned Exit Planning Seminars and Briefings
  In-depth training
  Access to white papers
  One on one marketing support
  Free marketing materials
  Access to joint client projects

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Many early stage companies lack appropriate professional relationships. In order for an emerging business to successfully navigate the growth stage it needs expertise across many areas. Our clients and prospects often need to develop relationships with Banks, CPA’s, Attorneys, Valuation Experts, Investment Bankers and others.

We are currently seeking partners that have the ability to relate and advise companies in the early stages of development.

Partners receive:

  The ability to host ‘Emerging Business Networking Events’
  The opportunity to partner with our Emerging Business clients
  The capability of offering a wider set of services to their own clients
  The ability to target growing businesses by offering a wider array of services
  The ability to host pre-planned Business Growth or Business Funding
  Access to funding resources

For further information and to determine if you qualify for the Funding Program or Business Growth Teams register here


Our primary services are aimed at successful businesses requiring exit plans and emerging businesses seeking significant growth.

Prior to approaching investors we ensure that:

  The business proposition is strong
  The management teams strengths and weaknesses have been assessed and
  The financial status and requirements fully developed and analyzed
  The market opportunity is qualified
  The product or service is valid and appropriate for the opportunity
  The exit plans have been fully analyzed
  The investment opportunity, risks and upsides are fully developed and

We offer Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Groups, Business Angels and other partner investors:

  Access to pre-qualified investment opportunities.
  First sight of pre-qualified opportunities
  Investment Opportunities that have already experienced a
    ‘Due Diligence’ process
  Where requested we will manage the post acquisition process, ensuring
    business continuity and protection of the investment.
  We support investors with sales, marketing and market due diligence, an
    often under catered for component of the due diligence process.

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